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Ethereum is a decentralized currency like bitcoin that was launched in the year 2015. It is the second-largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin, it is also known as ether.

 All cryptocurrency is run by the blockchain system. Now the question must have come to your mind that what is Blockchain. Blockchain is the third generation technology.

 Blockchain is similar to a bank account which settles the currency in microseconds. This platform is considered very fast. 

It works very fast to transfer the currency of any country to the bank account in its value only. Like if you are investing in cryptocurrency from the US. 

The national currency of America is a dollar, then you do the transaction or it is easily accessible in your bank account in the dollar itself.

 If you are investing from India, the national currency of India is the rupee, then you will invest in rupees and after selling it Your bank account will also get easily in rupees.

 The national currency of the country you are investing in will be converted into your bank account. The founder of Ethereum is Joe Libin, the developer of a blockchain app. 

Advance technology has been used to keep it safe. Its transaction fee is very low, due to which people like it very much. 

There are about 20 million wallets of ether all over the world, and people hold ether wallets. Meaning waiting for its value to increase.

History price of Ethereum

The price of Ether was $8 in 2016 which increased to $10 in January 2017. In February 2017 itself, $5 rose to $15 and touched $50 in March 2017 with a jump of 330%. In April 2017 crossed the $80 mark.

In May 2017 again touched the figure of $240, up by 300%. Reached $700 in December 2017. At the beginning of 2018, it was trading at the top of this year, but in March 2018 itself, it came down to $ 400, similarly, it crossed 2018 with volatility.

 Its condition worsened in 2019, it was trading close to $100. It continued like this in the year 2019 and continued like this at the beginning of 2020. In the middle of the year 2020, it saw a boom. Reached $800 in December 2020.

At the beginning of 2021, they were trading at $ 1300. Then in the middle of 2021, it crossed $ 2772 by more than 200% and at the end of 2021 it was trading at the highest ever

Ethereum future price

It is estimated that the value of Ethereum will reach around 6500 by the end of this year. Next year maybe more rapid. By 2025, it may cross the $10000 mark. And by 2030 it will cross the $26000 mark. Currently, its value is around $3000. If the estimates are correct, then this year can see more than 200% growth.

Ethereum store

How to buy Ethereum

You can buy Ethereum through the Binance online platform. It is a world-class platform that accepts around 1500000 orders per second. To buy Ethereum in this you have to follow some steps. It is also considered a secure platform.

Ethereum Store users wait for the value of their Ethereum to increase. It is kept safe in the wallet and you can easily sell it once its value increases.

 How to earn Ethereum

Earning Ethereum rewards by betting Ethereum Stacking is a good way to maximize the holdings in the coin. Who wants in a wallet or trading.

How to spend Ethereum.

Ethereum can be used to purchase services and goods such as plane tickets, restaurants, automobiles, etc. Many people accept it.

 How to donate Ethereum.

 Binance can for a global project by a charity whose main objective is to improve the lives of people living below the poverty line.

How to Ethereum mining

Ethereum has three important mining operations.

  • pool mining
  •  single mining
  • cloud mining

 Pool mining is easier mining than all three of these mining. If you do not have a lot of hardware then you can go this route. But the way Ethereum coins came into the market. Mining Ethereum is facing troubles and also takes longer. Pool mining takes less time to create Ethereum. Its power is measured by hash power. Hashpower is the computing power used by the hardware to solve the algorithms.

Setting up Ethereum from single mining requires considerable hash power. It costs more, uses more electricity. For these reasons, only a few coins can be made. Solo mining may be more profitable in the long run. More profit can be made by selling it.

Cloud mining is the easiest in this you do not need to buy any special system but more risk than this mining is more chance of fraud.

use of wallet

Cryptocurrencies are digital so a wallet is required to keep them. Wallets store money just like an account in a bank is used to deposit money. There are two types of wallets.

  • hardware wallet
  •  software wallet

Hardware Wallets Physical devices that store private keys to crypto accounts offline, also known as cold wallets. Hardware wallets are considered secure because they are offline. 

Protecting crypto from being stolen is also more expensive. 

Software Wallet It is a digital program that stores crypto or goes online. Software wallets are online platforms that can be accessed through a browser app. There is more chance of it being stolen.


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