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  • Overview
  • History price of Bitcoin
  • Market cap of Bitcoin
  • Understanding of Bitcoin
  • Peer to Peer
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Job opportunities in Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin price 
  • Regulatory risk
  • Risk in security
  • Insurance risk
  • Fraud risk
  • Market risk
  • How much Bitcoin and its life
  • Where to buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was introduced in 2009. It is a decentralized digital currency. Decentralized means that it is not operated by the central bank of any country. Similarly, bitcoin is not operated by the central bank of a country. 

It has been created by Satoshi. Bitcoin is the world's largest cryptocurrency. It is an imaginary currency. It cannot be seen, touched, only felt because it has no physical form.

There is no fee for transacting bitcoin, whereas there is a fee for transacting from the incoming process, so bitcoin has become popular all over the world. It is also believed to be fast and secure. 

Bitcoin is also being accepted by business companies such as automobiles, electrical appliances, plane tickets, restaurants, houses, hotels, etc. You can pay with bitcoin.

Bitcoin has launched other Cryptocurrencies. There has always been turbulence in the value of Bitcoin.

History price of Bitcoin

In the initial time, the price of bitcoin was 0.06 rupees. In 2010 the price of bitcoin went from $ 0.0008 to $ 0.08. The price of bitcoin increased by 3200 percent to $32 in June 2011 from $1 in April 2011. But in November 2011, the price of bitcoin fell sharply to just $2. It reached around $5 in May 2012 and crossed the $13 level in August. The year 2013 has been going well for bitcoin.

In April 2013, it reached $220 but then came down to $70. Crossed around $125 in October 2013, then rose to $1150 in December 2013 with a huge jump. But within a few days, it was reduced to $ 760. Bitcoin saw a huge drop in 2015. It came down to $300. With a tremendous jump in 2017 reached $ 1000 than at the end of 2017 touched the 20,000 mark with a jump of 2000%.

The tremendous boom of bitcoin increased its popularity all over the world. In 2019 bitcoin was trading at $10000. Crossed the $24000 mark at the end of 2019. It crossed the incredible $40,000 level in 2021.

Market cap of Bitcoin

Bitcoin had a market cap of $17.4 billion in 2017. 

Its market cap in 2018 was $241 billion. 

Its market cap in 2019 was $66 billion. 

Its market cap in 2020 was $130 billion. 

Its market cap in 2021 was $ 490 billion.

 Its market cap in 2022 is $837 billion.

Understanding of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a collection of computer systems. Also known as Nords and Minor. Those who run the bitcoin key code and store its blockchain. Each block contains a collection of transactions. Because all the systems running the blockchain have a list of blocks and transactions and the block is kept transparent as it is easy to see.

 There are approximately 15372 Nords in bitcoin and their numbers are increasing. By which any kind of attacks can be stopped. Bitcoin tokens are used to hold public and private keys.

Peer to Peer

Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology for payments.

Bitcoin mining

Mining here does not mean that there is a reserve of bitcoin in a certain place, which can be extracted by mining like gold mine uranium. The meaning of mining here is to create bitcoin by computer. It is possible to make it on the computer itself. The process of making bitcoins is called bitcoin mining. The main purpose of bitcoin mining is to keep bitcoin Nord and the network secure. Bitcoin has become more valuable than all other currencies. Bitcoin addresses are used for its transactions. Anyone can make bitcoin transactions by creating their account on the blockchain. The smallest unit of bitcoin is called a satoshi. It is named after the developer of bitcoin.

There are 100 million satoshis in 1 bitcoin.

1Bitcoin = 100 million satoshi

High-end hardware is used to mine the transactions in the bitcoin mining network.

 So far it remains a mystery who invented bitcoin. Only the name Satoshi has come up. The name is the name of an individual or group that issued the bitcoin paper in 2008. The popularity of bitcoin has increased due to the secret of the name of the bitcoin inventor. It became a big event in the world.

 El Salvador is the first country to officially adopt bitcoin.

Job opportunities in bitcoin

People who do their own work. Can receive bitcoins e.g. if a person provides service over the internet, then can get their payment in bitcoin wallet for payment. People around the world believe that digital currency has a golden future. 

This currency is a very fast and low fee payment system. Buying bitcoin for a low price and selling it at a high price is the same as any other asset. You can buy it on the bitcoin exchange. There are many ways to collect it.

Risks associated with bitcoin investment

 Due to its rapid increase in value, bitcoin is being viewed from speculative eyes. Its price in 2019 was 7167 Doli. After 1 year, it increased by 300% to $28984. In 2021, the level of $ 68000 was crossed.

 With its increasing popularity, it is becoming a less used currency every day. People associated with digital currency say that it is a high risk and high return investment that you can invest in it.

Bitcoin price

  The value of bitcoin depends on demand and supply. Bitcoin is available in limited numbers. Mining of bitcoin can also be done at 21 crores. If there is more demand than supply, then its price increases, if demand is less supply then its value decreases.

Regulatory risk

Bitcoin is the antithesis of the official currency of the government. It can be used in secret transactions, tax evasion, illegal business. So the government can never ban bitcoin because it is not a limited transaction of currency and it is run privately anything can happen at any time please trade carefully.

Risks in Security

 People who use bitcoins and transact in the online market can get hackers to access your computer then your bitcoins can be stolen from your account so bitcoin security is fraught with risk.

Insurance risk

Official investors are insured through investor protection. Bank accounts are also insured with deposit insurance up to a certain amount, but bitcoin is not insured, which is also fraught with insurance risk.

Fraud risk

  You can also be scammed with respect to bitcoins such as someone may induce you to buy the wrong bitcoins. You cannot be sure whether this bitcoin is real or fake. This has happened in the past.

Market risk

 Any investment in the market has a limit and volatility. This fluctuation can happen to some extent in a short period of time. Like 2% 4% etc but bitcoin has seen a lot of volatility in a short time it fluctuates up to 60% 80% in 1 day. 

If you bought bitcoin today and it drops drastically tomorrow, then you have lost a lot. That's why the market is also full of risk, it has happened many times in its journey of 12 years, so invest in it carefully.

Why is bitcoin valuable

Bitcoin has risen from around $1 to $70,000 over the past 10 years. Its value depends on a number of sources, including lack of demand and production. Bitcoin has a market cap of $1.1 trillion.

Is bitcoin a scam?

We can not believe that bitcoin is a virtual currency. No one knows when it will disappear but you do know that bitcoin in its original form for almost 10 years has proven itself to be strong. Someone can cheat you, you cannot put the responsibility on bitcoin.

How much bitcoin and its life

The maximum bitcoin that can be produced in up to 21 million and its last bitcoin is fixed by the year 2140. Its production reached up to 90% of which about 20% have been lost. The reason for losing is that people have forgotten their private key of bitcoin. Due to this, these people are not able to access their property.

Where to buy bitcoin?

There are many online exchanges in the market from where you can buy bitcoins. If you don't want to buy bitcoin from the exchange, you can find someone who has bitcoin available and want to sell it then you can buy from them.

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