Most 15 words used in stock market

moneycontrol stock market
moneycontrol stock market

Table of content

  • Bull market
  • Bear market
  • Trend
  • Face value share
  • 52 week high and low
  • All-time high/low
  • Upper circuit/lower circuit
  • Long position
  • Short position
  • Square off
  • Intraday position
  • Open high low close
  • Volume
  • Market segment

 In this writing, we will tell you about the word used in the stock market which is always used. 

Bull Market - (Bullish) If someone thinks that the market will go up and the price of the shares will increase, then it is said that he is in a bullish state. If the market continues to move upwards in a given time, then it is said that the market is in a bull market, or there is a bullish environment in the market.

Bear market- The bear market is just the opposite of a bullish market, if you think that the market will go down in the coming time, then it is said that you are bearish about that stock. Similarly, when the market is going down for a long time, it is said that the market is in a bearish market.

Trend-The trend is the direction of the market and the strength of that direction is called a trend, if the market is going down rapidly then we say that the market is in a downtrend or if the market is neither going up nor down more then it is called side wedge or directionless trend.

Face value share - A price like a share is called face value or par value, it is decided by the company and it is important for their corporate decisions like who to rally to the company when it comes to dividend payout or stock split, 

For example, if the share value of Tata's share is ₹ 5 and the company paid an annual dividend of ₹ 70, it means that the company paid 1400 percent dividend.

52 week high or low - 52 weeks high means that the stock has the highest price in the last 52 weeks Similarly, the bottom of the hand means the lowest price in 52 weeks 52weeks high or low means the price range of the stock When a stock is nearing its 52-week high,

 many people believe that the stock is going to be bullish, Many believe that the stock is going to be bullish. Similarly, when the stock is close to its 52-week low, it is believed that the stock is going to be bearish.

All-time High/Low - The all-time high and low (low time) also shows the price of a stock like 52-week high/low, the only difference is that the all-time high low is the highest ever since the stock was listed on the market. Indicates high price or low price

Upper circuit and lower circuit - stock exchanges fix a price limit for each stock the store price is not allowed to go outside that range on a trading day The upper circuit and the lower limit of the price are called the lower circuit. 

The circuit limit of a stock can be any of 2 percent, 5 percent, 10 percent, or 20 percent, which the exchanges decide according to their rules on the exchange circuit. It is used to control excessive volatility in the stock so that due to any news, the stock does not fall or rise too much.

Long position- Long position or being long tells the direction of your trade, for example, if you have bought or bought shares of Infosys, then you are long, if you have bought Nifty index in the expectation that the index will go up then your Have a long position on the index If you have a long position on any staff or index then you will be considered a bullish trade.

Short position - The short position being short indicates the direction of short trade For example if you have sold shares of Reliance then you are short on Reliance If you have sold the Sensex index on the expectation that the Sensex index will go down then you have a short position on the index. If you have a short position on a stock or index, you will be considered bearish.

Square off - Square off means you want to close your position if you are sitting by making long position then you sell the shares to square off it you are not shorting you are selling the existing position when you If you square off the short position, you buy the shares, here you cannot buy and create long positions, you can buy the shares and close the short positions.

Intraday position - When you create a position that you want to square off on the same day, then such a position is called an intraday position.

Open High Low Close(OHLC) -  Open High Low Close To go into the technical analysis in detail about this, the open price of a lion means the price of the height up to which it opened, that is, where the price went down i.e. low and at the time of closing of the market. the price was close.

Volume - Volume of a share is the number of shares in both the total purchase and sale of that share on any one day, it is very important to understand its effect on volume and share price and you will understand it in technical analysis.

Market Segments - There are different segments of the market that contain different types of financial transactions. The segments are segregated on the basis of risk and record. The exchange has three main segments.

1. Capital market - The capital market is one of these segments. Preference Share Warrants and Exchange Traded Funds are bought and sold. This segment is further divided into other segments such as where is the common holdings sent to the equity segment or bought. This segment is marked with Jesus. If you can buy and sell shares in the capital market segment.

2. Futures and Options -  Futures and options trading in the stock futures market. In this segment, leveraged products are traded.

3. Wholesale rate market - This segment of the market deals with fixed income products such as government or government securities, treasury bills, descendants, and debentures.

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