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Top 5 growth stocks 2022 Nasdaq

top 5 Groth stock 2022 Content table -: Petrobras (PBR) Safe Bulkers (SB) HP (HPQ) Mr. Cooper (COOP) Anderson (ANDE) Value overgr… Read more

Introduction to Technical Analysis Stock Market

concept of technical analysis I n this, we will learn about the use of assets in the concept, technical analysis, how to monito… Read more

what is technical analysis

technical analysis T o trade short term in the stock market, it is very important to know technical analysis, in which it is im… Read more

Financial Intermediaries Stock Market

Financial Intermediaries Table of contents:- Stockbroker Depository and Depository Participant Bank NSCCL and ICCL After you … Read more

How does the economy affect the stock market

moneycontrol noteindia Table of content Monetary policy Repo Rate Reverse Repo Rate Cash Reserve Ratio Inflation Wholesale Pric… Read more

Most 15 words used in stock market

moneycontrol stock market Table of content Bull market Bear market Trend Face value share 52 week high and low All-time high/low … Read more

Difference between IPO, OFS, and FPO stock market

noteindia moneycontrol Related this-: Difference between IPO, OFS, and FPO Table of content-:  IPO  rights issue  Offer for sale-… Read more

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