why should one invest

 Before answering this question, let's understand that if you don't invest, what can happen. Let's say you
 50,000 ) per month, and 30,000 ) your monthly expenses - your monthly savings Rs 20,000 )
 Let's not add income tax to this example just to keep it simple.  

Now assume that-
 Your company cares a lot about low-cost and increases salary by 10 percent every year
 Cost of living – Cost of living increases by 8 percent every year
 You are 30 years old and want to retire at 50 so you have 20 years to earn
 2 After retirement you will not do any kind of work
 Your expenses will change

 Every month that 20,000 is left, it is & remains with you in the form of cash or cash
 Year-  Yearly Income     Yearly Expenditure    Cash Savings
 1            600000                   360000                         240000

 2            660000                   388800                         271200

 3            726000                   419904                         306096

 4            798600                   453496                         345104

 5            878460                   489776                         388684

 6            966306                   528958                         437348

 7           1062937                  571275                         491662

 8           1169230                  616977                         552254

 9           1286153                  666335                         619818

 10         1414769                  719642                         695127

 11         1556245                  777213                         779032

 12         1711870                  839390                         872480

 13         1883057                  906541                         976516

 14         2071363                  979065                       1092298

 15         2278499                 1057390                      1221109

 16         2506349                 1141981                      1364368

 17         2756984                 1233339                      1523644

 18         3032682                 1332006                      1700676

 19         3335950                 1438567                      1897383

 20         3669545                 1553652                      2115893

 full-saving 17890693

 Year- Yearly Income Yearly Expenditure Cash Savings
 If you look at the number given above, then you will understand that after 20 years the situation can be scary.

 1. With 20 years of hard work, you could only add 1 crore to 70 lakhs.
 2. If your expenses were less, then you didn't even change your way of life  maybe you
 Aspirations like big cars, big houses, roaming suppressed
 3. After 2nd retirement, if expenses increase by 8 percent rate, then your roughly 8 years out of 1.7 crores

 Will go, and after that or do&, you think.
 Or will you do it after 8 years, when the class will be completely out?  How will the car of life go?  or is there any way

 In 20 years & more than 1.7 Crore can be added?
 Example K8 Let's look at the case with slight variations. # Let's say you have kept 20 thousand as cash&not  but KLK
 Invested it in an option & which gives 2 returns every year for 12 percent. For example- in the first year & you

 2,40,000, which you invested for 20 years at the rate of 12 percent, and it will become(in 20 years) 

Year Income   Yearly Expenditure     Cash Plus     Cash retained investment @12%
1         600000            360000                          240000             2067063

 2         660000            388800                         271200             2085519

 3        726000             419904                         306096             2101668

 4        798600             453496                         345104             2115621

 5        878460             489776                         388684             2127487

 6        966306             528958                         437348             2137368

 7        1062937           571275                         491662             2145363

 8        1169230           616977                         552254             2151566

 9        1286153           666335                         619818             2156069

 10      1414769           719642                         695127             2158959

 11      1556245           777213                         779032             2160318

 12      1711870           839390                         872480              2160228

 13      1883057           906541                         976516              2158765

 14      2071363           979065                         1092298            2156003

 15      2278499          1057390                        1221109            2152012

 16      2506349          1141981                        1364368            2146859

 17      2756984          1233339                        1523644            2140611

 18      3032682          1332006                        1700676             2133328

 19      3335950          1438567                        1897383             2125069

 20      3669545          1553652                        2115893              2115893

 investment after 20 years

 amount  42695771

 By investing the money that you save every month, your money grows faster, and the result is visible -
 Amount as.  In the chart, see after 20 years you have Rs 4.26 crore instead of 1.76 crores as compared to the earlier
 Which are 2.4 times increase. And this increase clearly means that after 2nd retirement your life will be more relaxed.

 Will save

 Now coming to the question which is at the head of this chapter- one should invest.  some very important reasons-
 1. To deal with the inflation rate – rising inflation costs us money.
 can be dealt with.
 2. To add big capital- from the example given above, it is very clear how to invest
 You can deposit a huge amount till 2nd retirement but just not for 2nd retirement only%,
 Even more important than investing - for work like studying tech, getting married, buying a house, even for work like this
 Money can be added easily.
 3. To meet your financial aspirations, 4Wash

 Where to invest?

 Now, we&have come to know that it is necessary to invest. The next question comes to our mind&where to invest
should, and what kind of 2ton-should one expect.  To invest&first you have to choose – Asset
 Vac, which matches your ability to take 2 or 8K.  2Rtn- and 2R8A to different categories of investments or

 They are divided into & categories.

 1. fixed Income instruments
 2. equity
 3. real estate
 4. Commodity ( Easy Metal – Precious Metals)

 Fixed Income instrument

 In this option of investment, the principal amount (  simple amount ) remains safe.
 2 returns on investment – ​​you get _interest. The interest you get annually, six months
 Or can be received after three months.
 I also say Pay2RTP2Red, #Capital is given back to you.

 Fixed Income Investment Options

 1. Bank  K F8d Deposit
 2. Government bonds (which are issued by the government)
 3. Bonds of Government Companies
 4. Corporate Bond
 As of June 2014, the 2 ton of Safe8th income in 8th income would be in the range of 8 to 11 percent.


 Investing in equities means buying shares of companies that have entered the stock market.  share
 Buying or Trading both 8Talk S&S – Bombay 8Talk S&H (Bombay)
 Stock Exchange- BSE) and National 8Talk S&H (National Stock)
 Exchange- NSE).

 When you&invest inequities, # the capital or capital is not guaranteed % but
 The 2 returns you get inequity can be very attractive.
 2 Returns – In the last 15 years & 14-15 percent CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) has been around.

 Many well-known trusted companies have earned up to 20 percent CAGR in the market but for such companies.
 Finding it takes skill, hard work, and success.
 If you do investment in investment for a period of more than 1 year then on withdrawal of investment up to Rs.1 lakh
 Profit tax remains g. Earnings above Rs.1 lakh attract 10 percent tax. Earnings before April 1, 2018
 The totally set was g.  But still, these rates are less than the market value of the remaining assets.

 Real estate

 2 Under real estate you invest in a house, shop, or land. # Two from this investment
 There can be different types of earnings. One earning can be in the form of rent & or rent, the other
 Earnings come from ]increasing the cost of the business. But this investment has& a lot of complexity and
 Confusion ensues. The world can be very costly as well as a huge amount of money to invest
 There is no official formula for the 2 ton-measurement of real estate.
 So it's difficult to comment on it.

 Commodity - Boolean

 Gold and silver are well-known investment options.
 Earnings are & increase.

 Up to 2 ton-mils. Investments in these can be made by buying jewelry or by SCH&J
 Through Traded Funds (Exchange Traded Funds- ETFs).
 Keeping the same in mind & the example we gave in the beginning, to find out
 Let's try  that if there is any 8d income for 20 years, inequity and bullion&
 If he invests, then how much amount will be added.

 1. If fixed Income & Invested in Income and got return-on average 9 percent per annum then Rs.3.3 Crore)
 2. Rs.5.4 Crore) if invested for 20 years & 2 returns - on average 15 percent per annum
 3. In the bullion i.e. gold and silver & investment in return 8% per annum value(Rs 3.09 cr)

Important things related to investment

When investing, it is important to keep in mind that the entire investment should not be in one asset.  different assets to invest
 Trust & sharing is very important, and this process is called asset allocation.

 For example, young people aged 23-25 ​​years may take a higher 2 or 8 because they have a lower score and J for investment is more. 

As such he should put in about 70 percent of the total investment in equity, 20 percent/bullion
 I&and the rest of the 8th income investment in.
 Similarly, for an investor who has retired, 80 percent of his total investment will be in 8th income in 8th income, 10

 Must be && in pure property and & must be & in 10 pert&bullion.  Here's how much money you invest in what assets
 Should be, it depends on the investor's ability to take 2 or 8K.
 What are the things one should know before starting an investment?
 It is important to invest but before you start investing, know & understand –
 1. 2r8a or risk and 2rton-connected.  is more 2r8a, then is more likely to be 2r8a. Less 2r8a
 If so, it will be less than 2 tons.
 2. If you want that the principal invested remains safe, then the option of investment with fixed income would be better.
 Of these &2r8a is less. But keep in mind that whatever amount in your hand&
 It will come, it will be your life.  For example – Bank  that 8 d deposit gives you 9 per&2 return,
 And if the inflation rate is 10 percent, then you are incurring a loss of 1 percent.
 For them, the ability to take #parents 2 and 8 is very less.

 3. It will & will help you deal with inflation.  If you remove the old data and see&then it shows that the long
 By investing in & in equity up to WD, you get 2 returns of up to 14-15 per& but keep in mind that & in equity &
 There are also risks associated with investing.
 4. Investing in real estate or 2 real estate requires a huge sum of money at once, and this
 It takes a lot of money to come out with this type of investment. You can never buy or sell real estate.#
 You need the right buyer and seller on the right word to buy and sell.
 5. Gold-Silver is considered as a safe investment option, # but they do not have 2% - very attractive - 

 The important thing about this chapter

 1. Invest to protect your future.&
 2. The amount you want to add towards your goal# depends on the 2 return of investment options.
 The slightest difference between K2-Raton can have a significant impact on the amount.
 3. Choose an option that fits with your 2&8a or risk-taking ability.
 4. If you want to be safe from the effect of inflation, # 8 part of your entire investment should be& in equity
 Yes, yes
 So it is clear that investment in real estate gives the best 2 returns, especially when you invest for the long term.


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