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Hello, friends Today we will talk about Nifty.  What is Nifty, what is the function of Nifty in the stock market, how to calculate Nifty, what are the benefits of Nifty, which companies are in the list of Nifty 50 now, etc.

 First of all, we will talk about what is Nifty.  Because in it lies the secret of all the information.

 What is Nifty?

 Whenever you read a newspaper, there is an economic activity page in the newspaper, in which the economic news of the country is printed.

 On this page, something is written about Nifty in such a way that today Nifty has broken 76 points and has climbed 103 points, in the same way, it is written in the lower part of the news channel.  Let us know in detail.

 First of all, we know the full name of Nifty, Nifty - National stock exchange, in short, NSE, in which the top 50 companies from 12 different regions of the country are in the list, which is called Nifty.

 Although there are more than 2000 companies listed in Nifty, Nifty keeps an eye on the top 50 companies because the fluctuations in Nifty are assessed only by the rise and fall of the shares of these 50 companies.

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 This is because the market cap of these top 50 companies is more than half of all the other companies.

 What is the function of Nifty in the share market?

 Nifty is India's first digital index which means fully computerized based completely paperless, earlier shares were bought and sold through paper.  The job of Nifty is to keep an eye on the business of top 50 companies to see how the business of these companies is doing.

 The company is making a profit or loss, if the company is making a profit, then the rate at which the company earns profit increases the rate of their shares, due to the increase in the rate of the share, the points in Nifty increase.

 In such a situation, we say that the company is doing good work in the country, its shares should be bought.

 If there is a loss of the company, then the rate of the share of that company decreases, due to which the points of Nifty fall down, in such a situation, we say that the company is not doing well, its shares should not be bought.

 How is Nifty calculated?

 First of all, let us know who selects the top 50 companies.

 These 50 companies are selected by the government, big economists, big investors, and stock market committees.

 Nifty is calculated similarly to the Sensex, with the base year being 1995 and the base number as 1000.

 It is important to know about the market cap in relation to the calculation of Nifty.

 Market cap refers to the total value of the company which is the company's share price multiplied by the total number of shares of the company.

 For example, if the price of one share of a company ABC is Rs 50, the total shares of that company is 1000, then the market cap will be 50 X 1000 = 50000

 What is the difference between Nifty and Sensex?

 The function of Nifty is to keep an eye on the top 50 companies and the task of Sensex is to keep an eye on the top 30 companies.

 The market cap of Nifty is high, hence Nifty is considered more reliable.

 Foreign investors and domestic investors also keep a close eye on the market.  If the market goes up, then the foreign investors and domestic investors buy the shares of the company whose stock goes up.

 If a common public is able to buy the same share, then they also get good earnings.

 Advantages of Nifty

 Through Nifty, market information is easily available that when the shares should be bought and when they should be sold.

 If Nifty is moving upwards, then it shows that the company is growing and there is a possibility of increasing employment.

 The economy of the country also strengthens because of the Nifty acts like an indicator in the economy of any country.

nifty 50 companies list

 Companies Name                                                       Industry

1. SBI LIFE INSURANCE                                   INSURANCE

2. SHREE CEMENT                                                  CEMENT

3. COAL INDIA LTD                                                  MINING

4. INDIAN OIL                                                            ENERGY- OIL&GAS

5. HERO MOTOCORP                                                AUTOMOBILE


7. EICHER MOTORS LTD                                          AUTOMOBILE

8. CIPLA LTD                                                               PHARMACEUTICALS

9. NTPC LTD                                                                ENERGY - POWER

10. GRASIM INDUSTRIES LTD                                 CEMENT

11. HDFC LIFE INSURANCE                                     INSURANCE

12. TATA MOTORS                                                        AUTOMOBILE

13. BRITANNIA INDUSTRIES LTD                             CONSUMER GOODS

14. OIL&NATURAL GAS                                              ENERGY - OIL&GAS

15. BAJAJ FINANCE LTD                                             FINANCIAL SERVICE

16. BHARTI AIRTEL LTD                                              TELECOMMUNICATION

17. ASIAN PAINTS LTD                                                 CONSUMER GOODS

18 HCL TECHNOLOGIES LTD                                      INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

19. MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LTD                                 AUTOMOBILE

20. TATA STEEL LTD                                                       METALS

21. WIPRO LTD                                                                 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

22. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LTD                                    CEMENT

23. SUN PHARMA LTD                                                    PHARMA

24. POWER GRID LTD                                                      ENERGY - POWER

25. DIVI'S LAB LTD                                                          PHARMA

26. INDUSLND BANK LTD                                             BANKING

27. NESTLE INDIA LTD                                                   CONSUMER GOODS

28. JSW STEEL LTD                                                           METALS

29. DR. REDDY LAB LTD                                                  PHARMA

30. TECH MAHINDRA LTD                                           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

31. ADANI PORT                                                                INFRASTRUCTURE

32. TITAN COMPANY LTD                                               CONSUMER GOODS

33. HCL TECHNOLOGIES LTD                                     INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

34. BAJAJ FINSERV                                                          FINANCIAL SERVICES

35. STATE BANK OF INDIA                                             BANKING

36. ITC LTD                                                                       CONSUMER GOODS

37. AXIS BANK LTD                                                         BANKING

38. LARSEN & TOUBRO LTD                                          CONSTRUCTION

39. HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LTD                                   CONSUMER GOODS

40. KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK LTD                               BANKING

41. TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD                       IT

42. ICICI BANK LTD                                                           FINANCIAL SERVICES

43. HDFC BANK LTD                                                          FINANCIAL SERVICES

44. INFOSYS LTD                                                                  IT

45. RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD                                      ENERGY - OIL&GAS

46. MAHINDRA LTD                                                            AUTOMOBILE

47. HDFC BANK                                                                    BANKING

48. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LTD                                      METALS

49. TATA CONSUMER PRODUCTS LTD                             CONSUMER GOODS

50. UPL LTD                                                                            CHEMICALS

I hope you have understood Nifty from this post. If you have any kind of question or suggestion, then do tell by comment.

Thank you


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