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 Ipo Ipo IPO IPO is being launched continuously in the stock market.  Be it a small company or a big company, everyone wants to be listed in the stock market.  Meanwhile, there is an insurance company Policy Bazaar which is launching its own IPO (initial public offering)

 Whose PB is a fintech parents company?  Its headquarter is in Gurugram.

 Policy Bazaar has submitted its documents to SEBI.

 According to SEBI, the IPO of the policy market will be around 6000 crores.

 If you want to invest money in the policy market

 Know about the company in detail.


 Policy Bazaar is an online platform.  It has started in 2008.  Which tells about all the insurance companies, which insurance company's product is cheap or expensive.

 The policy market is owned by the foreign company and the control is also with the foreign company.  The founder of Policy Bazar holds only a 4.25 percent stake, so when Policy Bazar is listed in the market, its promoters will not be the founders of Policy Bazar.

 Book running lead

 The book running lead managers of Policy Bazaar will be HDFC Bank, Global markets, Citigroup, IIFL, ICICI, Kotak Mahindra, and other companies.

 Right now there is an investment of Tiger Global, Softbank, Info Edge, in the policy market.

 Policy Bazaar has got the license to sell insurance products.  Now the policy market can also sell its insurance products.  We can also call the policy market an insurance supermarket because all the insurance company's products will be visible on this platform with comparison.  With which you will be able to take health insurance and life insurance by comparing one insurance company to another.

 The policy market has been going into losses for a long time, mainly because the company is spending more than three rupees for every rupee it earns. amazon

 future planning

 Policy Bazaar's future planning To provide customer experience as per customer experience at around 200 locations in the country and promote India model in gulf countries.

 Due to Policy Bazar IPO

 Due to Corona, there has been a lot of demand for health insurance and life insurance products in the country, so Policy Bazaar wants to launch its ipo so that the company can get enough money and expand its market.  So that there is no shortage of insurance in the country.

 Now you must have understood that why the policy market's ipo is being launched, what will be the benefits of its launch.  What will be the effect on the economy of the country?  Thank you

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