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clearing and settlement process

Friends, today we will talk about the clearing and settlement process in the stock market.  The stock market is such a huge p… Read more

market capitalization stock market

Friends, today we will talk about the market capitalization of any company.  What is market capitalization, what are its effect… Read more

bullish and bearish moneycontrol

Friends, today we will talk about bulls and bears in the stock market .  By the way, in common languag… Read more

how to convert physical share to demat

Friends, today's topic is going to be fun.  Along with being fun, it is also going to be important.  If an old cupboard is … Read more

policybazar ipo | stock market | noteindia

Ipo Ipo IPO IPO is being launched continuously in the stock market.  Be it a small company or a big company, everyone wants to … Read more

tata sky ipo | stock market | noteindia

Hello friends  we are going to talk about the upcoming IPO of the tata group in the stock market.   You will know that Tata is … Read more

What is nifty | stock market | noteindia

Hello, friends   Today we will talk about Nifty.  What is Nifty, what is the function of Nifty in the stock market, how to calc… Read more

What is sensex | stock market | noteindia

Hello friends, how are you guys?  Today we will discuss Sensex, in the previous post we told about Nifty.  Today we will talk abo… Read more

index | stock market | noteindia

Friends, what is a stock market index, what is its function, what are the benefits of having a stock market index, how many ind… Read more

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