Infosys revenue growth target fy2021-22

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Friends, today we will talk about Infosys's revenue, future planning, employment, fourth-quarter growth rate, and strategy ahead of Infosys, so let's know in detail.

 IT Company Infosys
 The 40th Annual General Meeting of India's second-largest IT company Infosys was held.
 Salil Parekh said that the company entered into a strategic partnership in the financial year 21.
 He said that 12000 new professionals will be hired in America.

 The CEO of Infosys has said that the company has set a target of revenue growth between 12% to 14% for the financial year 2021-22.  The same company has fixed its profit margin growth for FY22 from 22% to 24%. READ THIS - NTPC REVENUE

 Infosys CEO Salil Parekh told shareholders that the company got a record $14 billion in big deals in FY21.  He said that 60% of these deals are brand new and the company has got orders from these companies for the first time.  He said that the company has benefited a lot from digital transformation and the share of digital business in revenue has increased to 48.5%.

 Partnership Strategic
 Salil Parekh said that the company entered into 2 strategic partnerships in FY21.  The company partnered with Vanguard for the digital transformation of its record-keeping business.
 While partnering with Daimler for hybrid cloud-powered innovation and transformation of IT infrastructure.  Read this - ntpc revenue Q4

 Addressing the 40th AGM of Infosys, the company's chairman Nandan Nilekani said that during the Corona period, the company did its technological and digital transformation under the leadership of Salil Parekh.  He said that the company used technology to deal with the threat of cyber-attacks along with the cloud and digital of the business.

 create jobs
   Nandan Nilekani said that the company gave a lot of jobs in India in FY21 to those who were fresher to promote their digital transformation and to meet the growing demand.  Also, the company recruited about two thousand experienced outside India.  He said that the company will recruit 25,000 experienced abroad by the year 2022.

 Canada will increase its workforce to 4000 by the year 2023.  In addition, Infosys will provide 1000 digital jobs in the UK.  He has said that the company has increased its financial commitment to Rs 200 crore to provide relief to its employees and many communities from Kavid.

 I hope you have come to know about the fourth-quarter growth rate of Infosys, the strategy ahead.  Similarly, everyone kept visiting to know about the growth rate and future planning of the company.
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