Three points of stock market


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Before investing in the stock market, we must know three questions.

 .  Why invest in the stock market?

 .  How to invest in the stock market?

 .  Where to invest in the stock market?

Why invest in stock market

 The main objective of investing in the stock market is to accumulate a small amount and make a big amount.

 Even if you are saving 100 to 1000 rupees every month, then you can make a very good investment in the stock market by doing it slowly,

 Whether it is investing in the stock market through mutual funds, or buying DIRECT shares worth Rs 100 to 1000 every month,

 In this way, stock market investments give you better returns in the long run, although no guarantee can be given,

 In the pursuit of making rich overnight from the market, here 80-90 percent of the people lose their money,

 Only 5 to 10 percent of the people, who invest wisely and with hard work for a long time, earn money,

 More people lose money because they invest money in the stock market like gambling and rely on luck.

 The reason for losing money in the stock market is due to the lack of proper knowledge and discipline of the people about the stock market, money management, and lack of control over emotions,

 That's why you should ask yourself this question, why should you invest in the stock market?

 how to invest in the stock market

 Warren Buffett, the world's richest man in the stock market, had said, whether it is a work or an investment if you do not know about that work or that investment, what are you doing?  So it is sure to fail in that,

 Therefore, before beginning investing in the stock market, it is very important to take the time to learn the stock market and understand the investment.

 To earn money from the stock market, you have to have the right market knowledge, money management, control your emotions, discipline and avoid greed and think about long term wealth creation,

 You can visit our website to learn how to invest in the stock market, you can hinder your knowledge by joining webinars.

 Where to invest in the stock market?

 To invest, you have to understand, in which area of ​​the stock market you have good knowledge, such as - do you know well about intraday trading, are you well aware of swing trading, or  You know very well about long term investment,

 You can choose any option as per your knowledge, and you can invest accordingly.

 For new investors who do not know very well about intraday trading, they are advised to avoid intraday trading,

 In this way, before starting your stock market investment, you have to understand whether you understand the ups and downs in the market or not,

 A new investor should start with swing trading or long-term investment with a small amount in the stock market initially.

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