Origin and details of harappan civilization [HISTORY] ENGLISH 08


* Harappan Civilization Theory of Origin

- Principle of indigenous origin

- Promoters - Steward, John Marshall, Amlanand Ghosh,

- Recognition- The Harappan civilization had developed gradually.

- In the pre-Harappan phase, fully developed cities started being found.

* Validation vote

- There was a gradual development example- Sothi culture (Rajasthan), Kolistan region was developed.

- Baluchistan is more evident in the Kshatra.

- The time of Harappan civilization in NCERT book is from 2550-1900 BC.

* Geographical spread of Harappan civilization

- Development took place in the copper background period.

- The center of Harappan civilization culture, Punjab and Sindh region expanded from here to south and east.

- Size and area of ​​triangle shape is 129 9600 sq km wide.

Search of the site: 1500 sites have been searched till date. But only 7 are labeled as city. Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Chahandaro, Lothal, Kalibanga, Vanavali, Rakhigarh.

* Harappan civilization expanded

1. Sindh Province - Mohenjodaro, Chanhudaro, Kotwiji, Amri, Judrajadado

2. Balochistan- Sutkakoh, Sutkagandor, Balakot

3. Punjab (Pakistan) - Harappa, Dera, Ismail Khan, Rahman Theri, Saraikhola, Jalilpur

4. Punjab (India) - Ropar, Kotla, Nigah, Sanghol, Bara

5. Haryana - Banwali, Rakhigadh, Mittathal, Kunal

6. Kutch (Gujarat) - Desalpur, Surkotada, Dholavira,

7. Kathiawada (Gujarat) - Rangpur, Rojadi, Lothal Bhagatrao Malwan

8. Rajasthan - Kalibanga

9. Maharashtra - Daimabad

10. Jammu-Manda

11. Uttar Pradesh - Alamgirpur, Bargawan, Hulas

12. North-West Frontier - Gumla



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